Our Story:

Streetwise New York explores neighborhoods, recounts history and studies contrast--but does so knowing that New York’s essence isn’t listed in guidebooks or displayed in museums. The true New York is melted into slices of pizza, hidden in subways, and carried in the ever-changing stories of its 8.5 million people.

Streetwise New York is a tour company created in 2011 that specializes in unique walking tours across New York City. Led by Dan Shaki and Andrew Silverstein, the main focus is on developing unique and insightful experiences for each client, big or small. This ability has won them wide praise with write ups by Fodor’s, Reuters, NY Daily News, The Village Voice, WNYC radio and other media. Streetwise New York is highly ranked on TripAdvisor.com.



 I'm a life long New Yorker-- meaning I don't own a car, I walk fast and I wouldn't dream of living anywhere else. I think New York has a lot to offer and I love sharing its uniqueness with visitors.  Being a tour guide is great! I can dish out the requisite history book knowledge of New York but what I really want to share with you, are the stories that reveal what it's like to live here; from the daily to the extraordinary.



 After a year stuck indoors working as an engineer, I needed a change. I wanted my only number crunching to involve finding the right SPF for the best tan. My plan was to give tours for a summer and figure things out. I then discovered that I loved sharing what makes New York so incredible. Years later, I'm still at this temporary job balancing my analytical and creative side by sharing the New York experience with people from around the world. I also perform comedy across the US and Canada.



I’m a born and raised New Yorker and dedicated guide leading groups across four continents. But my home always will be New York, the cultural, economic, and, of course, cuisine capital of the US. Whether you’re interested in American history, music, immigration, art, architecture, film, or even organized crime, there is no place better than NYC, and (almost) no better guide than me. In my spare time I'm a musician and animator, and can answer any questions you may have about Christopher Rouse or Fleischer Studios.



I grew up visiting my grandparents in NYC and moved here the first chance I had. I love the many different layers of New York--visible if one just takes the time to look. There are layers of history seen in the architecture, layers of different cultures seen in shops, restaurants, and on the faces of the people, and of course, there are delicious layer cakes! As an artist and food writer (currently working on a cookbook), I am especially fascinated by both the visual and edible. I enjoy showing people the joy of walking NYC (and the importance of good shoes!), while sharing my knowledge and experiences as a New Yorker.



 Born in Peru but grew up in New York, I've been here for over 27 years and I'm not planning on leaving. As a teenager, I would take the subway from Queens into Manhattan and explore. I always thought of myself as an urban explorer or a sidewalk warrior and have expanded on this by travelling the world. Two decades ago I discovered that as a tour guide, I could share my stories, experiences, fascination, and the highs and lows of the place I call home. Let's explore and walk the streets together. I will show you why my home is one of the greatest cities in the world!



 When I moved to NYC in 2006, I decided to take advantage of every day by exploring a different section. I still haven't seen all there is to see. That's the beauty of New York! There's always something new and exciting around every corner. And sometimes muggers. Just kidding! We're the safest big city in the US. After amassing a head full of NYC info, I became a tour guide. I'm particularly interested in NYC as a cultural capital- funky stores, and world-class art, both in museums and on the street.