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Most walking tours point and stare at New York. With Streetwise New York, You live it!

We specialize in small custom private tours and offer a weekly tour open to individuals.

We explore neighborhoods, recount history and study contrast--but do so knowing that New York’s essence isn’t listed in guidebooks or displayed in museums. The true New York is melted into slices of pizza, hidden in subways, and carried in the ever-changing stories of its 8 million people.

From the swankiest stretches of Fifth Avenue to the grimiest of graffitied alleys, we share stories passed down from our grandparents, gleaned from books, and whispered on street corners.

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Our Tours

olives and cheese


A tour of historic and new hip areas that includes a short boat ride up the East River. Visit DUMBO, a post-industrial fashionable area before strolling through Brooklyn Heights, a 19th century tree lined neighborhood next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Then take a ferry ride with breathtaking views to Williamsburg a hub of indie rock, hipster culture, and local art.

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This tour visits Manhattan's major sites and explores some of the most popular neighborhoods, revealing their secrets. Take it as intro to the city and leave with the comfort and confidence to navigate on your own. Or dig deeper and we'll take you off Manhattan's beaten path.

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An exciting and unique tour that has been featured in the Village Voice and the Daily News. The tour focuses on the history, life and foods of New York's past and present immigrant communities by exploring bustling neighborhoods in Queens and Manhattan.

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The nation's most diverse county is a foodie's heaven with rich streetlife. This tour visits Latino, Indian, Greek, Arab and East Asian neighborhoods. After a day of walking and snacking we end with a stunning view of the New York skyline from Queens.

olives and cheese


Get an inside look and taste of some of the city's most interesting and delicious areas. Tours designed by Streetwise New York along with Chef and Food Writer Kathy Gunst and Feet in 2 Worlds' Executive Producer John Rudolph.